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Projects for the production and circulation of theater shows


Debuted in 2015


Âncora 1

This show is part of the macro project entitled “Ilustres brasileirinhos”, which consists of performing puppet theater shows for children from great names in Brazilian culture: such as Heitor Villa-Lobos, Carmen Miranda, Tom Jobim among others. The first show of this project is called “A Busca de Tu-Hu”, a debut piece in 2015 bringing the life and work of conductor and composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, the second, “What does Maria have?” premiered in 2017, based on the life and work of Carmen Miranda, and has already performed in the city of Curitiba and in some cities in the state of Paraná, such as: Coronel Vivida and Francisco Beltrão.


What does Maria have?

Upon hearing this question, little Maria starts to investigate what her qualities, her desires, her ideas are; and begins to discover itself through encounters with the other. The show that metaphorizes identity formation and respect for individualities has its course drawn from a study of the life and work of Carmen Miranda, whose real name was Maria!

One of the main artists of the 20th century, Carmen is a very important name for the construction and discussion of a Brazilian identity, and several elements of her biography are appropriate for the construction of this piece by Cia Analgésica, a show full of color and music, which mixes the presence of actors and puppets of different manipulation techniques.

Âncora 2

Show based on the life and work of Carmen Miranda

Text and Direction: Ali Freyer

Cast: Janaina Micheluzzi, Juliane Souto, Lígia Quirino and Rodrigo Hayalla

Lighting and light operation: Erica Mityko

Soundtrack: Renan D'Avila

Supervision of puppet making: Tadica Veiga

Scenotechnician: Sergio Richter

Production Director: Rodrigo Hayalla

Production: Penguin Productions
Produced by: Cia Analgesica


Credits: Lídia Ueta

Âncora 3
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