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Projeto - Clarice

The VIVA CLARICE project provides, in commemoration of the centenary of the author's birth, a cycle of activities related to her work. It involves the execution of 400 literary actions that will involve his short stories, novels, chronicles and children's literature, his production in the area of visual arts and the adaptations of his works for the cinema.
These activities will be distributed among the 10 Regionals of Curitiba and will be directed to all audiences. In addition, at the end of the reading cycle, there will be a whole week of lectures, and 05 training workshops aimed at public school teachers (as well as the rest of the community) with strategies for reading Lispector's work for the classroom. and for other mediation activities.

We have 5 different axes to perform the actions, they are: 

1- READING WHEELS CLARICE 100 – 100 Reading wheels for short stories and novels. Reading circles are moments of text sharing, in which the reading mediator reads the initially chosen text aloud while the participants follow the reading with their copies of the text. Subsequently, the text in question is discussed, not through the theoretical approach, but through the sensitivity of each of the readers who became acquainted with the text during that activity. The idea is that the mediator is able to instigate the debate, placing the reception of the participants and their relationship with the mediated work at the center.

2- CLARICE'S TIME – 100 Chronicles Reading actions. Here, there will be a dialogue between her chronicles and the news of the period to which the texts refer, precisely to highlight the author's important relationship with her context, a dimension normally neglected. The idea is to bring to reflection both the question of the aesthetic work that is done in relation to reality data, and to reflect on historical changes, on how much Clarice's time was (or was not) different from ours.

3- CLARICE IN CHILDHOOD - 100 reading activities aimed at children. The mediator will read Clarice's children's works in addition to the images portrayed in the editions of her books for children such as: The Mystery of the Thinking Rabbit, The Intimate Life of Laura, The Woman Who Killed the Fish, Almost the Truth and Twelve Brazilian Legends.

4- CLARICE IN CINEMA - 50 activities from Clarice's works adapted for cinema. Here, excerpts from the author's works that were adapted for the audiovisual will be contemplated, as in A Hora da Estrela by Suzana Amaral.   In addition to the film, participants still read excerpts from the novel.

5- CLARICE LISPECTOR, WHAT YOU LOOK AT, WHAT YOU SEE - 50 reading activities of Clarice's Visual Arts works also in dialogue with her texts. The idea is to bring to the public's reflection the possible relationships between Clarice's canvases (about 22 paintings) and some of her texts that, despite being written, have a very intense visual appeal, as in the case of Água Viva and Uma Aprendizagem or the pleasure book.

LITERARY MEDIATION WORKSHOPS - 06 hours each - 40 vacancies

There will be 05 workshops, with 06 hours each, given by the reading mediator and writer Lilyan de Souza, aimed at training new mediators and, above all, at teachers from the Municipal and State Public Network who wish to know more about reading mediation, about the work by Clarice and on the multiple possibilities of working with her texts, in the classroom context, or in extracurricular activities, in libraries and other spaces. 
The workshop mediator will promote an intense theoretical reflection on issues related to encouraging reading and literary literacy, as well as a theoretical and practical approach to some of the numerous relevant aspects to be explored in contact with Clarice's work. This work has as its axis the prompt verification of how essential teachers are in the processes of encouraging reading and dissemination of Brazilian literary works.


In order to contemplate the public that already has a relationship with Lispector's work, and to promote a more theoretical and critical discussion, we propose here 04 days of lectures that will be given by professors who are specialists in Clarice's work, recognized in Brazil and abroad. outside. Each day a speaker will explain his questions about the topic. They are: 

- Dr. Lúcia Peixoto Cherem, retired professor at UFPR whose doctoral thesis deals with the reception and translation of the author's work in France and Canada; 

-Dr. Nádia Battela Gotlib, free professor at USP, with important works on the life and work of Clarice Lispector; 

-Dr. Alexandre Nodari, professor at the Federal University of Paraná with important publications in the area of Brazilian literature and a relevant work on the work of Clarice Lispector and;

- Claire Varin, Canadian professor, PhD in letters from the University of Montreal with a thesis on Clarice's work. 

The lectures may take place within the spaces of the Literature Coordination.


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