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Projects for the production and circulation of theater shows


Debuted in 2018


o espetáculo

Is it possible to abstain, to hide from the world?

The new show by Grupo PUTO is born out of questions raised by a news item in the newspaper "O Estadão" about a family that decided to shut themselves up for more than two years in their home, without contact with the rest of the world; and approaches marketing expert Faith Popcorn's book "PopCorn Report" in which she points out behavioral trends born of consumption.


The play builds caricatures of extremely everyday characters and an absurd narrative about incommunicability, intolerance and paranoia in contemporary relationships, about fear and disagreement as agents that build borders (real and imaginary) between people.  


To escape the “dangers from outside”, a woman, a man and “his dog” decide to cocoon themselves in their redoubt, an octagon protected by fences and iron doors. There they mathematically design survival strategies,   do research on the flat earth and - why not? - rehearse their musical numbers; until their private world was invaded, and the need arose to reorganize their social, affective and political micro structure, and to have to admit themselves as part of this problem... Of this great problem with the right to anteaters, flags, borders, hunger, mouths and navel... THE WORLD!


Text: Ali Freyer

Directed by: Rodrigo Hayalla

Cast: Ali Freyer, Fabiane de Czaro, Guilherme Mendes Muniz, Janaína Micheluzzi and Lígia Quirino.

Lighting/Performer: Erica Mityko

Musical Direction: Renan D'Avila

Scenography: Gabriele Windmüller

Scenotechnician: Sergio Richter

Costume designer: Ali Freyer

Vocal Preparation: Agnes Ignacio

Body Preparation: Rodrigo Hayalla

Projections/Video: Piero Ribas and Natasha Durski

Graphic Design: Malu Farinazzo

Press Office: Daniel D'Alessandro

Guru/Provocative: Juliane Souto

Production Director: Rodrigo Hayalla

Production: Penguin Productions

Produced by: PUTO Group

Âncora 1

Credits: Lidia Ueta

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