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Projects for the production and circulation of theater shows


Debuted in 2012


Âncora 1

Based on the homonymous novel by Portuguese author Gonçalo M. Tavares, the show Jerusalem explores other possibilities of relationships between the characters of the literary work and presents five characters trapped in the same fictional space called “Jerusalem”: A doctor who studies the history of horror through the times, a woman who calls herself schizophrenic and spends her days taking care of a baby that does not exist in the eyes of others, a prostitute without the courage to leave, a war veteran who hates children, and a young victim of sexual violence who awaits her return. of the mother (the latter, a character taken from another novel by the same author, “A man: Klaus Klump).

     The shock of each character's individual realities, added to their isolation from the world, leads them to develop the more possibilities of relationships. The tone of the work follows that of the research of the character Theodor, the doctor. In the construction of the dramaturgy, we explore the mechanisms of establishment of the tortured and tortured game, renewing itself in a cyclical way, while in the background the generalized horror is discussed: war, genocide, exploitation. Fragmented dramaturgy and non-causal episodes allow each viewer to create their own narrative.

     Three other fundamental references were the works of the painter Egon Schiele, on which the visuality research of the piece was based. corporeality of the actors; the book “Fante da dor dos  others” by Susan Sontag, from which discussions emerged that guided the approach and editing of the scene material; and Robert Kappa's war photographs, through which images and markings of the show emerged.

      “Jerusalém” premiered in December 2012 and was later presented at the Paraná Theater Festival August 2013, when Gonçalo M. Tavares, author of the novel from which the montage originated, was present. The play was also presented at the Psicodália Festival (Rio Negrinho-SC. March 2014) at the Curitiba Theater Festival, Mostra Fringe (April 2014) and Blumenau International Festival (July 2014) and was nominated for the awards for best costume design. , sound design, actor, actress and show, and was awarded in the categories of best lighting and direction. In August 2014 the show had a short season at the Auditorio Antonio Carlos Kraide (Curitiba) and was invited to close the Theater Show in the city of Pato Branco (PR) which took place in September 2014.

Âncora 2

Based on the work of Gonçalo M. Tavares

Text and direction: Rodrigo Hayalla

Cast: Ali Freyer, Janaína Michelluzzi, Juliane Souto and Lígia Quirino and Rodrigo Hayalla

Sound design: Renan D'Ávilla

Lighting: Erica Mityko

Costume designer: Ali Freyer

Light Operator: Erica Mityko

Sound Operator: Emmanuel Faria

Cenotechnician: Sergio Richter

Graphic Designer: Pablito Kucarz

Producer: Rodrigo Hayalla

Production: Penguin Productions

Produced by: PUTO Group


Credits: Mathias Dalla Stela

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