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In "Stories from around the world, heritages from around the world" we will hold 50 meetings of Reading Wheels, in the online format, that is, through a videoconference, of 45 minutes each, with several school groups, previously scheduled with the institutions and 01 more literary mediation workshop through Google Meet, for previously registered audiences. 

The curatorship of this project, in particular, focuses on myths and legends from different times and places, drawing bridges between the cultures of different peoples, emphasizing with the participant the exercise of appropriating what is foreign; to know instead of repelling, to add instead of dividing. The countless stories that explain the emergence of the world, the coincidences and the recurring elements in every myth or legend, are the material on which the wheels will be developed, most of them being presented in versions already "anthropophagized" by great Brazilian authors._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

"Our lives today are permeated with myths, their symbols, language and content; they are part of our common heritage as human beings. Fables, fairy tales, literary works, epics, stories told around the campfire and the scriptures of the great religions are wrappings of myth that transcend time, space and culture. The individual myths themselves show remarkable similarities between cultures separated by great geographical distances. This common nature helps us to recognize the beauty and unity within human diversity: we share something with all the other peoples of all other times." JF BIERLEIN

Myths are effectively present in all human cultural traits, but in our society there is an exacerbated influence of the Christian and European imagination compared to the reception of other matrices of knowledge that form our country. Therefore, the curatorship approached indigenous, Afro-Brazilian and Oriental narratives, prioritizing plurality and remembering that the myth is born from curiosity for the world, and not from absolute truths. That "myth" is a word that is definitely opposed to attitudes and beings without respect for the other... it is a word that is linked to identity, knowledge, humanity!


Reading Mediator: Rodrigo Hayalla

Workshop: Fabiane de Czaro

Production Director: Rodrigo Hayalla

Produced by: Penguin Productions

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