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Projects for the production and circulation of theater shows

Espetáculo A Busca de Tu-hu - FOTO MATIA

Debuted in 2015


Âncora 1

Cia Analgesica uses data from the biography of conductor and composer Villa-Lobos to build a fable about the great journeys that music (and all forms of art) can give us.


In the play, the boy Tu-Hu (this was Villa's nickname as a child) wants to create the most beautiful music that ever existed, and for that he needs to know a little about each existing song.


This is how his trip begins, and we travel with him, getting to know a little bit about Brazilian songs and popular culture, and also getting in touch with the tradition of classical music that so influenced the composer of “Bachianas Brasileiras”.


The maestro's research throughout Brazil, getting to know artistic manifestations and inscribing them in his „Practical Guide‟, his international incursions, being one of the first Brazilians to highlight our music abroad... All this is also present in “A Search for Tu-Hu”, a search that, once shared with us, can become our search too!

Âncora 2

Show based on the life and work of Heitor Villa Lobos

Text and Direction: Ali Freyer
Cast: Ali Freyer, Caroline Marzani, Juliane Souto and Rodrigo Hayalla.
Lighting: Erica Mityko
Sound design: Renan D'Avila
Operation and Production Assistant: Lígia Quirino
Production Director: Rodrigo Hayalla

Production: Penguin Productions
Produced by: Cia Analgesica

Âncora 3

Credits: Mathias Dalla Stela

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