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Book and reading promotion projects

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Grandes Contos is a project conceived by actor Rodrigo Hayalla with the aim of sharing a series of short stories presented as video-readings and aims to bring readers closer to the work of authors considered classics of Brazilian literature, such as Machado de Assis, Coelho Neto, Afonso Celso, João do Rio, Júlia Lopes de Almeida, Alvares de Azevedo, among others and other great writers of our country.

What gives unity to the videos is the curatorial selection of works. All the tales were produced between the second half of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century.


The series also has some thematic axes that guide its repertoire, one of them is the Terror genre. Horror literature combines the fantastic, the supernatural, the unusual, with mysterious and sometimes violent narratives. Readings of this nature tend to keep the reader's attention, due to the impact of the images and the curiosity for their outcomes. Thus, the series GRANDES CONTOS - TERROR, chooses this universe in order to arouse interest in reading Brazilian classics.

In GRANDES CONTOS , literature makes use of the audiovisual, and through elements such as camera angles, image filters, film montage and soundtrack (added to the work of the actor who narrates the text in a decorated way, building the rhythms and atmospheres of the work ) gains another dynamic of presentation, designed especially for the enjoyment of the public who will see it through the internet, on their cell phones and computers inside their homes.



Acting, Production and Editing: Rodrigo Hayalla

Produced by: Penguin Productions

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