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Repertoire - Online Play

Âncora 1

What are the chances of avoiding an announced tragedy?  What is expected of the future that is built in this chaotic present? What good is an artist in the midst of all this?

These (and a few other) questions lead us through the creative process that metaphorizes pandemic and pandemic Brazil for ALEXANDRIA 8836BR: Uma nave. An ark. A library. A bunker. A time capsule. An attempt to save humanity, frustrated beforehand, for not being able to specify what “humanity” means.

The artists of the PUTO Group decided to write letters for an uncertain future, and for an inevitably present past - and together, although distant, they allowed these letters to unfold in concerns, scenic/audiovisual experiments, video-improvisations, readings and discussions -_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ reinventing its procedures of construction of the theatrical scene for this new experimentation that has been proving to be disturbingly challenging, as any good creative process is. 

Following the proposition that has been guiding its latest works, such as “Soldado Vermelho Agoniza” and the Popcorn Report”, the group bets on collective creation, contributing to the construction of an acid narrative, which intends to reinvigorate through fiction, views that cannot help but doubt. of “reality”. 

Âncora 2

Directed by: Rodrigo Hayalla

Text: Ali Freyer

Cast: Ali Freyer, Fabiane de Cezaro, Guilherme Mendes Muniz and Lígia Quirino.

Lighting and Op. Of light: Erica Mityko

Soundtrack: Renan D'Avila

Feat – Music Alexandria: Siddharta Gabriella Oliveira

Op. Sound: Lígia Quirino

Scenario: Erica Mityko and Rodrigo Hayalla

Scenotechnician: Sergio Richter

Costume: PUTO

Seamstress: Joana

Video Capture: Paulo Silveira

Video editing: Ali Freyer and Rodrigo Hayalla

Op. From Videos: Guilherme Mendes Muniz

Production Director: Rodrigo Hayalla

Production: Penguin Productions

Produced by: PUTO Group

Âncora 3

Credits: Elenize Deszgeniski

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