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Director Penguin Productions

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Pinguim Produções was founded by artist and cultural producer Rodrigo Hayalla.


Graduated in Bachelor of Performing Arts – Theater Direction – from Universidade Estadual do Paraná (UNESPAR), in 2014. He works as an actor, director and cultural producer through Pinguim Produções, which he founded in 2015. He directed and acted in several shows of theater. He worked in the area of cultural production in theater shows, radio soap operas and television programs.

He was a cultural producer for the associated companies of Movimento Enxame: Na Cia de Teatro Cenação: He produced the shows Chaves (2008) and As Cridas do Coronel Nicolau (2009) and A ultima Valsa (2010); at Assep(c)ia de Teatro, he worked as producer of the plays Base Triangular (2011) and Don´Adélia (2011), at Companhia Única he produced Amargo (2011), and also at Grupo PUTO, he acted as Production Director of the show Jerusalem (2013), DG Portrait (2014), Dying Red Soldier (2015), BlablaBla (2015), Pour Poor Andie (2017), PopCorn Report (2018) and Alexandria  8836BR (2020).

And with Cia Anagesica, he acts and produces the show A Busca de Tuhu (2015), O que é que a Maria tem? (2017), shows that are part of the Pequenos Ilustres Project, which aims to perform puppet plays through the life and work of great Brazilian characters. Neste  case of Heitor Villa-Lobos and Carmen Miranda, respectively.  And also the show No Tanque do Quintal Tem um Mar pra Juvenal (2018).

He was a producer and workshop leader for Projeto Cena Portão (2015) and Projeto Chão de Teatro (2012 to 2020)

In literature, he produced and participated as an actor/reading mediator/storyteller in the following projects:  Múltiplas Leituras em Shakespeare (2015), Palavras de Mulher (2017), Agentes de Leitura (2018), Daily life Reader (2019), Machado 180 (2020), Brazilian in Prose and Verse.. or vice versa (2021), Women's Stories (2021), Stories from around the World, Heritages from around the world (2021), Great Tales (2021) ) and Viva Clarice (2021)

Graduated in Bachelor of Performing Arts – Theater Direction – from UNESPAR, in 2014. He performed more than 30 theater shows as an actor and director.  He was an integral member of the project “The puppet and society” with the Secretary of Culture of São José dos Pinhais (2007/2009).

He founded the companies Analgesica and Grupo PUTO, which incorporated the Associação Cultural Enxame, where he still works in the fields of theater and literature.

With Analgésica, he performed the shows: “A Busca de Tu-Hu” (2015), and “O que é que Maria tem?” (2017), and “Bichos do Quintal” (2019). While in the PUTO Group, he performed the shows: Jerusalem (2012), DG Portrait (2014), Red Soldier Agoniza (2015), “Pour Poor Andie” (2017) and “PopCorn Report” (2018).


In literature, he works as a reading mediator since 2012 at Fundação Cultural de Curitiba. He is the creator of the Palavra de Mulher project (2014), winner of the Viva Leitura Award 2014 from the Ministries of Education and Culture, and of the PROFICE 2014 Public Notice. by W. Shakespeare. And coming from the Machado 180 project (2019), by Patronage 2018.

He was nominated for the awards for best actor (Soldado Vermelho Agoniza, in 2015 at FESTPAR) and winner of best text for the same show. Nominated for best actor and costume design for Jerusalem (2014, at FITUB-Blumenau), and for the Gralha Azul Award in 2016 for Soldado Vermelho Agoniza. Winner of best costume design for A Busca de TUHU (FESTPAR 2015).



Cultural Producer Penguin Productions

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