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Alexandria 8836BR is a terrible scenario for humanity, we created an imaginary place where human beings are deprived of deeper affections and relationships”, explains director Rodrigo Hayalla, about what the public can expect from this show. On stage, the actress Fabiane de Czaro lives an exemplary employee of this fictional space called “Alexandria”, it is not by chance that the name refers to the old library that kept a collection of human knowledge. This Alexandria is a bunker that protects the world's archives and works of art for this “new humanity” that is to come.

In times of Pandemic, the group builds bridges between theater and cinema, displaying a fragmented narrative that builds a dystopian universe that mocks the current Brazilian political scenario. To reach this result, the group members carried out several remote rehearsals through videoconferences producing scenes and themes for the creation of the dramaturgy.


“In this turbulent process of debating with electronic equipment and the internet, the first sketches of scenes and characters were born”, comments the director of the Alexandria 8836BR show, which debuts in the midst of the III Mostra Move – Grupos de Teatro, an audacious project by the Grupo Work that, as a result of the pandemic, will be carried out online. The pieces are being broadcast live, on Saturdays, one a week, until November 21, showing the language of group works in Curitiba. The premiere of PUTO is scheduled for November 7 at 8 pm. Just click on the link and enjoy Saturday night.

The 3rd MOSTRA MOVE – theater groups is a project carried out with the support of the Cultural Support and Incentive Program of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba and the Municipality of Curitiba, with support from EBANX.

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