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Book and reading promotion projects




May 4th to 7th - São João do Triumph

May 10th to 13th - Chopinzinho

June 7th to 10th - Cândido de Abreu

June 21st to 24th - Tibagi

June 29th to July 1st - Cerro Azul


The Minha Biblioteca Viva project was approved by the State Culture Promotion and Incentive Program / PROFICE of the State Department of Culture – Paraná State Government and is supported by COPEL. The project consists of actions to encourage reading to revitalize school libraries in 10
municipalities in the state of Paraná.

There are 20 Collection Management and School Library Revitalization Workshops, carried out by 3 professionals with extensive knowledge in library management, each workshop lasting 9 hours.

100 Reading Circles and 100 Storytelling divided among the 10 municipalities served.

20 Reading Mediation workshops lasting 3 hours each (02 workshops in each city)

Donation of 200 ecobags to students from schools served that will serve as a vehicle for picking up books from the school library. There will be 2000 bags that students will be able to personalize with their name and create the habit of borrowing books weekly or fortnightly.

Donation of 100 books to each library in the 10 cities, totaling 1000 children's literature books.

The cities covered are: Faxinal, Carlópolis, Tibagi, Carambeí, Bituruna, Chopinzinho, Cerro Azul, Inácio Martins, Cândido de Abreu and São João do Triunfo 


All actions are free for cities, we ask for a partnership to schedule reading circles and workshops with the groups.


9 am - 40 places


The Workshop “Management of collections and revitalization of libraries” given by Andressa dos Santos, Lilyan de Souza and Cristiano Nagel - comes in the context of librarianship to seek the revitalization of the library, as well as
comprising ways of organizing space, collection, dissemination, cleaning, conservation and borrowing methods. 

Emphasizing the importance of the information professional in the school environment and its integration as a dynamic part of educational, social and cultural actions, thus transforming the library into a space
democratic and knowledge. This workshop aims to encourage reading and learning through the use of the library, promoting activities along with reading, discussion and
socialization making it a space to be explored.

03 hours - 40 places

The Reading Aloud Workshop "Esthetics of Enunciation" taught by Lilyan de Souza has as its research focus the discussion and practical investigation of the potential of reading aloud and storytelling, (of the vocalization of literary texts or of the oral tradition ), for the work of encouraging reading, for the work of the storyteller. It will bring reflections on the studies of performance, reading, voice and theater theorists, to explore these concepts in a practical way, showing how an approach
performative, focused on enhancing the sound elements present in literary texts, can help in the work by encouraging reading and expanding the narrative beyond the body, through the voice, without breaking this body. This course aims to develop the individual poetic skills of each voice from the voice of the text or oral narratives.

03 hours - 40 places

The Children's Literature Reading Mediation Workshop, taught by Cristiano Nagel, focuses on the search for a repertoire of children's books, stories and texts, for activities related to the contact of the
child with the book. Starting from traditional fairy tales to their re-readings, we seek to provide the mediator with subterfuges to create a bond with the child, which is fundamental for the construction of an affective relationship with literature. Through the gaze, dialogue is established and the child is intelligent and capable of reading a lot. She expresses her attention and interest in different ways, through movement, with jokes and comments. And, for that, your engagement in this action is very important, because we know that the way we relate with children and with books can be decisive in their formation as a reader subject.

Âncora 1
the mediators

Andressa Santos


Andressa dos Santos has a degree in Librarianship (2020). He began his experience in the library working as a university library assistant at Faculdades  SPEI (2008-20011) and School Library at Colégio Bom Jesus (2011-2012).
He is currently part of the Curitiba Cultural Foundation's reading incentive program, Curitiba Lê, working as an assistant in the technical process and responsible for the book restoration and repair workshop.


Cristiano Nagel

Project Creator, Reading Mediator and Workshop Minister

Born in Joinville – Santa Catarina, he started his career at Cia. of Univille's Repertoire Theater under the direction of José Sizenando de Moraes (1998 to 2003). Founder of Faunos Cia Teatral (2001 to 2003), he also participated in Companhia Joinvilense de Teatro (2007 to 2008) under the direction of Robson Benta and Em Cena Teatro (2003 to 2009) under the direction of Morgana Raitz. In 2009 he joined UNESPAR where he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts in 2012. He was a special student in the discipline of the Master's in Literary Studies – Theater Theory at UFPR (2013). Specialized in Visual Narratives by UTFPR (2015/2017). He was a reading mediator intern at the Casa da Leitura “Miguel de Cervantes” in 2012. He had the projects “Sweets or Treats” approved in the FCC Reading Cycles Notice (2013), “Today is Reading Day in the Park”, ( Free Public Notice of 2015/2016) from the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba, “What if it were like this?” of the FCC Reading Incentive Action Notice (2018), “De Malas Prontas: Polish Stories, approved by the Folklore Public Notice – Cultural Creativity by the City (2019), “Urban Readings: Literature in the Streets of Citizenship”, approved by the Public Notice of Municipal Patronage (2019). He was Reading Mediator at
city of Almirante Tamandaré in the “Reading Agents” Project (2018) Promoted by SEEC and produced by Instituto Dom Miguel. He was a Reading Mediator in the city of Pinhais in the Cotidiano Leitor Project (2019) Promoted by SEEC and produced by Instituto Dom Miguel. She develops together with Carla Viccini, since 2012 the project
“Can I Read to You? Approved in the World Cup Notice by the Ministry of Culture (2014), “Curitiba: Can I Read to You?” approved by the Public Notice of Regionals of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba (2015) and “Next stop: Can I read for you?” approved in the Free Public Notice of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba (2016). Developed Reading and Social Action Projects in the city of Almirante Tamandaré in the city's CRAS and CREAS (2019/2020) Produced the project "My grandmother told me: Paraná literature and oral tradition" by Lilyan de Souza, and coordinated the project "Parana's Compositions :
The song asks for passage" by Vitor Andrade in 2021.


Lilyan de Souza


Graduated in Social Communication – Journalism by UNIVEL, in 2006 and in Performing Arts – Theater Direction by
UNESPAR/FAP, in 2012. Works in the area of reading incentives since 2006, working on important projects with SECC, FCC, SESC, SESI, BPP, City Halls, Libraries and other institutions in several municipalities in Paraná and Santa Catarina. She is a founding partner of the Inominável Companhia de Teatro since 2010, where she develops research that mixes theater and literature and projects in other artistic areas such as music and art education.
She is the author of the works: Pequenas Delicadezas Cotidianas (stories) and A Menina dos Sonhos (children’s literature), published by Editora Inverso, in 2017. oral): “Neli, the size of a huge heart”; “Filipina and Filomena, two very small cats”; “The divine mission of Gralha Azul” and “The legend of the Iguaçu Falls (Tarobá and Naipi)”, all released in 2021.

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