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Projects for the production and circulation of theater shows


Debuted in 2012


Âncora 1

The group appropriates the work "The portrait of Dorian Gray",  reading in it latent possibilities of discussing through its history the relations of image fetishization in our current society.


The concept is from Debord (a work already cited) who affirmed, even in the 1960s of the last century, that contemporary relations are crumbling in the face of the hegemony of the image in a society in which everything and everyone becomes a 'product'.


It is then proposed a carnivalization of the universe built by the English author in the creation of a satirical piece that mixes the Victorian era (space-time in which the action of the original takes place) with elements of the contemporary pop world, technological devices and Brazilian references. ; inaugurating a new place – anachronistic and indeterminate – for a new Dorian, who in this new (des/re)constructed history, immobilized between his concrete image and the unattainable projections idealized in the world of consumption and advertising, commits suicide._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Âncora 2

Playwright: Ali Freyer
Directed by: Ali Freyer and Rodrigo Hayalla
Cast: Ali Freyer, Emmanuel Faria, Guga Zardo, Janaina Micheluzzi,
Juliane Souto, Lígia Quirino and Rodrigo Hayalla
Voices in Off: Elter Correa, Emmanuel Faria, Giulia Crocetti and Thais
Musical Direction: Gabriel Martins
Musicians: Pedro Mariz – bass / Guilherme Carnasciali – drums / Maicon
Concimo – trumpet / Jessica Rolim – Transverse flute and voice – Ricardo
Bot – tenor sax / Rachel Ramos – soprano sax / MAchisson Assiz –
Cello / Beatriz Cervellini – Piano / Antonio Marcio – violin / Erica
Silva – guitar / Fernanda Cordeiro – trombone / Heitor Vieira – Technician
of sound and editing / André Altafini – Sound Technician, editing and
Projections: Guga Zardo
Scenotechnician: Wolney Matheus
Photography: Ricardo Mor
Producer: Rodrigo Hayalla
Sound Op: Gabriel Martins
Lighting: Erica Mityko
Op Projection: Erika Goes
Produced by: PUTO Group


Credits: Maithe Lima

Âncora 3
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